1.8 | Try the Calendar 🌿

This assignment is part of the module ① Canvas Basics (Planting) and hasn't been unlocked yet.


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Try the Calendar (Planting)
Try the Calendar (Planting)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Canvas Calendar Use
The participant can successfully demonstrate understanding of the ability to update use the Canvas Calendar to add Events and Assignments.
threshold: pts
10.0 pts
Participant fulfilled all requirements of this assessment with total accuracy.
7.0 pts
Participant fulfilled most requirements of this assessment with accuracy.
4.0 pts
Needs Improvement
Participant fulfilled some requirements of this assessment with accuracy, but more time and effort is required.
0.0 pts
Participant did not meet the minimum requirements of this assessment.
10.0 pts
Total Points: 10.0 out of 10.0